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Vague is absolutely fine at this point, so long as you start to narrow it down in your head! This is just a general little chat for all my followers so feel free to keep scrolling or grab a cuppa n join me for a lil update. You can sign up for UniDays here: About to start my master's and I have absolutely no clue what to do my dissertation on.

Log in Sign up. Want to see more posts tagged thesis writing? My sleep cycle is completely the opposite of what it needs to be for exams.

I can recall that particular class much more than the others I took more of a backseat. You can then learn to tailor your studying and revision to those particular times. research paper custom coffee cups wedding Put the immediate and crucial tasks first.

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You need to learn to discipline yourself to keep going and not become reliant on motivation alone. Generally, the more recent the better? See this in the app Show more. Dissertation studyblr I want to graduate next year so bad but my grades aren't good enough, but i have the determination to work hard even though it's impossible to graduate with a good mark.

It might be tough and some days you might miss doing a task - but making sure you can recover from those days is what matters! Know yourself and what suits you It is one thing reading my tips but we are different people! I hope this helps! This applies to your personal life too!

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Do let us know with a comment or an ask! See this in the app Show more. If you like what you see there, talk about it in your application!

Log in Sign up. Your only job next is to not break the chain. online paper writers critique groups This is building discipline and habits!! Here are some other things that might help:. This is a really awesome infographic that can provide you with some tips once you know the way you learn.

Make sure you keep these in view!!! But anything creative, really. Think really hard about the amount of time per week you will be expected to devote to academic work, and think about how - not the same thing - how much time you are willing to give. best dissertation writing in practices Do let us know with a comment or an ask!

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With some noice matcha orange latte and Andrewarcade. Just keep at it and the chain will grow longer every day. Dissertation studyblr This was all for my mathematical logic module.

Log in Sign up. Jobs So much has happened over the past couple of weeks! How did you pick how to ask?

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