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Policies aimed at strengthening national capacity have, thus, re-opened the debate about the credibility and viability of national tertiary level institutions. On the one hand, economic and political pressures are leading small states to challenge this received wisdom and to re-appraise their tertiary education capabilities. best college essay editing services The cross-cultural transfer of research agendas, methodologies and paradigms is also problematic. The analysis identifies factors which have contributed to the establishment of national tertiary level institutions in both regions, and considers the policies that national authorities have adopted for the on-going expansion of in-country provision of tertiary education. The time period covered for the case study deals with the implementation of two phases of SPAS, implemented from and respectively.

Back to top Maintaining identity in a globalisation world: I draw my frame of reference from theories of ethnocentrism and social reproduction. Functional co-operation provides mechanisms through which many of the unique and often problematic features of these small nation-states now aggravated by the intensification of globalisation , could be more adequately addressed. paper writing for college competition 2017 india This, and the small size of their populations has been used as the rationale for discouraging the development of national tertiary education sectors and for the regional provision of higher education in large groupings of small states. These dimensions involve a total of ten teachers and 11 additional stakeholders.

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Back to top The management and leadership roles of Solomon Islands headteachers: These concepts include a sense of vision and goals, engaging the emotions of individuals in the organisation, involving others through a participative approach, relationship building, and responding to the challenges arising from the context. Back to top Tertiary education in St Lucia: Findings suggest that SPS can be empowering instruments in human resource development, but their operation, in practice, can be both problematic and a very time consuming exercise.

In the context of influence, the study examines how national and international influences have competed for dominance in PNG. In a rapidly changing educational setting influenced by global and economic forces, the small transitional state of Armenia is implementing changes to its pupil assessment policy, including the introduction of a Unified School-leaving and University-entrance Examination. Education dissertation uk This, and the small size of their populations has been used as the rationale for discouraging the development of national tertiary education sectors and for the regional provision of higher education in large groupings of small states. Much literature has identified, policy related issues, in-school and out of school factors that contribute to low school retention. Finally, implications for social and educational research in St Lucia, the Commonwealth Caribbean, other small states, metropolitan countries, and for the related policy and theoretical literature are considered.

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These explore the implications of the study for: Both the Conference and the Sector Study were initiated and sponsored by the donor agencies. Back to top Human resource management and staff performance appraisal in small states: Applying this framework for analysis, this investigation involves the study of change agents, users, the nature of innovation and internal and external environmental factors associated with the Fijian VETP.

Postgraduate study Find a programme Visits and open days New postgraduate students. A theoretical framework, which is developed in chapter two, guides the study. best essay helper topics for class 8 This study starts from the premise that this is a major weakness in the drive for Universal Primary Education, and investigates how to improve learning and teaching in low income country rural primary school systems. Evidence also indicated that, besides lay governor members, many professionals and policy-makers do not understand what is required for the success of their own policy in practice. Secondly, the methodological underpinning of the study is derived largely from comparative and international orientations to research that draws attention to the importance of detailed qualitative fieldwork, and the observation and analysis of educational practice in context.

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These explore the implications of the study for: The primary purpose of the research is to identify the barriers to and opportunities for inclusive education in Papua New Guinea and other developing countries, and to identify ways in which governments and international development organisation can overcome these barriers and make best use of these opportunities. In tune with the philosophy of illuminating what was happening in the programme, findings were shared with actors observed or interviewed. Education dissertation uk Finally, the context of practice is explored, largely through reflections on experiential knowledge, qualitative interviews with senior administrative officers from the PNG National Department of Education and three provincial education administrators, and a brief survey of provincial education administrators.

Back to top Tertiary education in St Lucia: Yet, while efforts to strengthen research capacity are underway worldwide, established modalities of social and educational research are being criticised for not contributing enough to the improvement of policy and practice. Based on the fieldwork findings, the study argues that:

This study examines the extent to which currently powerful international themes and agendas, promoted by the World Bank and other multi-lateral institutions, have impacted education policy priorities in the small nation-states of the Eastern Caribbean. In both regions, parallel processes of centralisation and decentralisation are leading, on the one hand, to the establishment of national multi-purpose institutions, and, on the other, to a form of regional provision based on networks of mutually-supporting institutions. Education dissertation uk The findings show that, while teachers share a positive opinion of the new Unified Examination Policy, they feel the pressure of heightened stakes and there is early evidence of backwash effects of examination standardisation which have significant cultural implications. The first of these relates to knowledge, development and postcolonialism.

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