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For all who make the decision to attend NCU, think twice. Any time I contact my academic advisor for help she blows me off and tells me that I need to read the dissertation handbook. phd thesis search proposal sample My advisor tells me it is my fault that I did not squeal on the mentor, as well as advising me I will now fail the course due to the 2 assignments not being graded. They are also responsive, and their comments and the work provide value. I asked why my questions were never answered and why I still hadn't received a copy of her specific Change Matrix and I was told I acknowledge receipt of it.

Yes No 29 of 40 people found the following review helpful. I would not recommend this school to anyone that is serious about their education. hiring freelance writer definition This after 8 years of stellar performance and a 3. The admin staff has been great, and the academic staff outstanding. Difficult but worth it PhD Education - December 16,

Just as in other schools you encounter professors whom you think are not too good. The person who made the School of Education so great was riffed in December-I think about 20 full time faculty were fired. buying papers online galesburg illinois Yes No 3 of 5 people found the following review helpful. However, if you need constant reassurance and someone to hold your hand at all times, this is not the school for you. The people who spew venom usually have a hidden agenda or are just unhappy in general.

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Instructor comments--often wrong, by the way--are demeaning and focus almost exclusively on APA style rather than on the content in which they have no background, of course. I have personally visited the campus - it is beautiful. Northcentral university online phd cost I am and IT Professional and Educator. I am pleased overall with the school, and really have nothing negative to say.

The books are current and relevant. I have taken traditional as well as online courses previously. Northcentral university online phd cost I have had the same experience. Everyone is not compatible with every teaching style, so if you do not like a program, leave it without trying to trash the program and understand that others will continue to thrive.

Yes No 3 of 5 people found the following review helpful. Great for some, not for others PhD Education - April 11, I am at the beginning stage of my program.

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Constructive criticism is useful and the NCU administration does listen and has made changes I and other students requested using the on-line discussion forums. They closed down the writing program and stopped work on the doc research center. thesis statement for abortion pro life As many others have listed on this site, it is not a program for students who are not highly self-motivated and capable of independent work. The programs are geared for independent learners. I am comparing this to a traditional college degree I earned 10 years ago and an MBA I earned on-site 5 years ago.

NCU so far has provided the best online experience of any school that I have attended. I found NCU to be respectable, professional, firm, fair, and consistent. write my thesis paper waltz I finally called, had a 20 minute conversation where I was told I was rude and would receive a warning for student misconduct if I didn't act more respectfully.

There are no "learning teams" at NCU, and this fact alone makes it unsuitable for individuals who are not competent to work on their own or with only their mentors. Write to your attorneys, legislators, and the accrediting organizations if you are currently enrolled. how to write a dissertation chapter outline I suspect this is the reason for many unfavorable reviews due to rejections for admission. Be wise and take notice of the reviews that are not positive. Many of these people are dedicated hard workers, but determination alone, and taking the time and spending the money does not "entitle" everyone to earn a doctorate degree.

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My concentration is in education technology and I cannot rate the course management system NCU uses a I highly recommend this university. Now this type schedule has caused a lapse in the calendar of completing all assignments before the semester ends. Northcentral university online phd cost The expectations are higher and the other learners are much more intelligent. Make-do assignments and mentors with no background in the student's field of focus make this school a dreadful waste of time, energy, and funds.

Mentors are excellent overall; only one has not met my expectations. While I am frustrated beyond belief, I know it could be much worse because I read the horror stories of other students on the NCU dissertation discussion boards. Northcentral university online phd cost Although it has been difficult, I have managed to maintain a 4. Now I do not have a problem because I have their personal emails. I made it through and several new students do their final oral defense every month they are announced and Learners can listen to other learners' defense.

Excellent educational experience PhD Education - September 2, I have personally visited the campus - it is beautiful. I've read a few vicious, paranoid remarks about NCU and other on-line programs, but I have to question the student-sources.

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